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G Rides President, Gary King and his Mom at Laguna Seca for a Skip Barber event.

G Rides is a family owned and operated business based in California. We are enthusiasts that love what we do, take pride in our work and strive to offer excellent service to our customers. Founded in Upstate New York on May 2004, starting as an internet based business focused on selling accessories and performance parts. Seeing much car related activity and since G Rides president Gary King was born there, we decided to make the big move to California to open a performance shop. At the shop we focused on selling and installing parts from vendors such as HRE Wheels, Tubi Exhaust, Bilstien Suspension, Brembo Brakes and others. The products that we chose to represent we found to be the best available in terms of quality and service, which is all we want to offer our customers.

We also did some custom stereo, radar detector and fabrication work. Gary's Grandfather was an electrician and fabricator, who owned an electrical control panel business back in New York. There Gary learned from Grandpa, mechanical, wiring and fabricating skills. Grandpa was known for making the best panels available, serving clients such as Bausch & Lomb, Delco, Kodak, Mobil Chemical, Xerox and more. That wasn't the only thing Gary learned from Grandpa. Gary also learned about taking pride in your work, seeking excellence, letting your words be true and to keep your wires straight!

Fast forwarding back to the G Rides shop in California. We had a customer with a Bentley Continental GT Speed who purchased HRE Wheels from us. While installing the wheels we noticed that the underside of the front bumper was fairly scraped up. Having seen skid plates on Ferraris, we thought a skid plate would be a good idea and suggested one to this Bentley owner. He asked for us to get him one, however we could not find one available. So, we offered to make one and did just that, fabricating our first skid plate by hand and installing it to allow the skid plate to be beat up by skids and scrapes rather than the bumper. This customer brought his Bentley in for service to Rusnak Bentley Pasadena, where he also purchased the car. Rusnak inquired as to where he got the skid plate from, so he put Rusnak and G Rides together.

Rusnak placed an order with us for some skid plates for the Bentley Continental GT. We conceptualized these skid plates and subcontracted out having them cut on a water jet machine. We finished those up with a bunch of hand work, such as drilling and routing. The next order we subcontracted out to a company with a CNC Machine. The CNC Machine produced better parts more efficiently and reduced the amount of hand work.

Always wanting to do better and produce a superior product more efficiently. We are now able to produce skid plates from start to finish ourselves and are proud to call them, G Plate! We handle all conceptualization, measuring, Computer Aided Design and CNC Machining ourselves. We are so focused on making G Plates the best bumper protection product available, that G Plates is all we do now.

With our experience, we know when a part is made right. Our goal is that a G Plate fit like it came from the factory and that it performs as well as the car it is installed on. Considering we only make G Plates for makes such as Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and Porsche, we believe those are some high standards.

We appreciate you taking the time and hope that you will consider a G Plate by G Rides to protect your Ride. We are happy to answer any questions, so please do not hesitate to contact us. G Plate, they're great!!!