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Some of our goals for a G Plate:

  • Solve a problem.
  • Prevent paint scrapes to a front bumper's underside.
  • Provide you with peace of mind when you hear that scraping noise on a steeper driveway or parking lot entrance.
  • Save you money. Repair work, which a G Plate may prevent, can cost thousands of dollars. A G Plate is much less.
  • Efficient installation by a Technician.
  • Maintain serviceability of the car without the G Plate being an obstacle.
  • Fit like a factory part.
  • Be as discreet as possible while offering your front bumper ample skid and scrape protection.
  • You will be pleased with your G Plate and your experience with G Rides.

G Plates are created using Computer Aided Design and are then cut on a CNC Machine. This allows us to consistently produce a precision product.

Only the best will do when it comes to the materials used to make a G Plate. Made from high grade UHMW, which is a high performance black plastic and is the ideal material choice. This UHMW is more costly than other plastics available. However, the impact and abrasion resistance of this UHMW is remarkable. Bottom line, it is just an incredibly durable material. How durable? We welcome you to watch this video we made:

G Plate Durability Test YouTube Video

3M Double Sided Tape is pre-installed along the outer edge of each G Plate. The 3M tape helps add to the strength of the G Plate's installation and acts as a barrier to keep debris from finding it's way in between the G Plate and the bumper. The 3M tape here is not meant to be the only means of installing and securing the G Plate.

High quality black plastic rivets are supplied, which require the drilling of holes into the bumper for their installation. These rivets are strong, but not too strong. If the G Plate ever encounters a strong sheering impact, the rivets tend to break rather than pull through the bumper.

The bumper does not need to be removed. However, it does work best to have the car on a lift for full access, so professional installation is required.

G Plates are designed and machined to accept factory hardware when available. This is done to ease the installation of a G Plate and to better integrate them with the car. It is also done to minimize a G Plate's effect on the serviceability of the car.

Making G Plates is our focus. We have been refining them for years with another goal, making them the best that they can be.
We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about G Plate!

G Plate, they're great!!!